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                Quality Assurance

                Our quality control starts from product design and mortherboard layout.Excellent design is the cornerstone of product   quality. Quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process from product design, motherboard layout, SMT       production,  device assembling, and it guarantees the effective fulfillment of quality management and  grading.             Through set up the strict quality standards,worldwide top brand customers' on-site checking and verification, and can meet higher class clients' quality requirement.

                Customer service

                Excellent customer service system

                Throughout service agreement signing, project risk assessment, presale technical support, aftersale spare parts delivery, aftersales materials, aftersale technical training, customer complaint handling, overseas technical support, etc.

                Perfect after-sale technical information

                Repairing manual for finished product, PCBA

                tools for reparing

                Document for repairing spare parts (BOM for repairing)